how to overcome the virus manually

Before I post my tips on how I want a manual virus scan ..ok, my last post is how to overcome the virus
manually ...

1. Off system restore

- right click 'my computer'

- klik properties

- klik tab system restore

- klik "turn off system restore......"

- klik ok

2. remove the TEMP file- Right-click the icon Internet Explore- Properties- Delete cookies- Delete file- Clear history- Click ok

3. update antivirus / spyware

4. restart

5. windows run under safemode- Restart pc- Press F8 when I heard the sound "teet!"- Press the ratio of a second one last press F8 button- Select safemode- Enter 2 times- Sign declaration- If the popup out press spacebar once6. scan hdd with your antivirus / spyware / portable antivirus /
programs can remove viruses taste

7. open msconfig> startup> remove that should be (the virus file start up)

8. open regedit- Search the name of the virus if brontok example, search and delete the name brontok
9. restart- In normal mode

10. double check system- If before I can open my attempt to go to see whether or not- I left kompom, scan once more in normal mode

11. Last Resort- Sorry dude, i cannot help if I try all applications. his way .... HDD FORMAT

*sumber: bro lancer,terengganu*
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