1M Malaysians to Get Paid for Sharing !

We believe Facebook and Twitter has put the power of influence into the hands of the people.

Everything you share influences what's popular, and what's important.

And you deserve to be paid for this!

This is why more than 360,000 Malaysians who love recommending good stuff to friends are already in this together.
Since 2008, we have been working with every leading brand in Malaysia to make sure you get paid when you share something cool with your friends. Every time a unique friend of yours checks it out, you get paid RM0.20 for it. So let's say 10 of your friends click on your Social Recommendations per day, you could be getting more than RM50 for what you already do!

And now, we need your help to grow this bigger. More Malaysians. More cool stuff to share. More cash to be given out.

The big idea:

1 Million Malaysians to Get Paid for Sharing !

To kick off this recruitment drive, we're giving out a whole bunch of prizes as an extra boost to make this come true!

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