External Hard Disk suddenly cannot open – Fixed

External Hard Disk suddenly cannot open – Fixed

Your external hard disk was working very good all the times but suddenly you can’t open it anymore, when you are trying to open it, it give the error message “You need to format disk in drive before you can use it”, and your hard disk is 0 byte, means there is no file inside the hard disk. Means all the data inside the hard disk are gone!!!

Reason :
1) The external hard disk lost power while you are copying a file onto it.
2) The external hard disk usb cable was unplugged while transferring data.

Solution :
Please follow the steps at below :

1) Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon at the bottom right corner near the clock/time area on your desktop to safely remove your external hard disk.
2) Off the power supply of your external hard disk.
3) Unplug the usb cable of your external hard disk from your computer.
4) On the power supply, replug in the usb cable.
5) You will see the error message, Please Cancel it. (DON’T click Okay/Format/Whatever, click the X if necessary).
6) Click the Start button
7) Go to Accessories
8 ) Click Command Prompt
9) Type chkdsk e: /f (if your external hard disk drive is Drive E)… Replace the e letter if your external hard disk is not drive e.
10) Wait for few minutes to let the program fix the errors on your external hard disk. For me, it took about 5 minutes to fix it. Below is the screen shot that show the fix of my external hard disk :

sumber : http://karnaintrack.org/2012/02/hello-world/

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memang terbaik la...terima kasih...dh xyah pening2 nk cri kdai nk backup data...xpun kne format disk...


macam mana nak settle kalau ni yang keluar lepas ikut step atas


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