anda ada HATI untuk menolong ?

HATI.org.my is a non-profit web-portal on Malaysian charities, non-profit NGO's and underprivileged communities. The portal acts as a "central station" where charities and organizations can rely on to spread awareness of their cause.

Currently, HATI.org.my serves the community by featuring over 400 organizations and support groups on the portal - especially highlighting the smaller charities that lack the means to publicise their needs.

With the help of HATI.org.my, sponsors or even people like YOU can connect to the charities in Malaysia that range from animal welfare, children, education, environment, orang asli and more.

Get educated on how to donate wisely to the charity of your choice via HATI.org.my FAQ and most importantly, reach out to organizations that could really use your help!

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