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best Android camera appsAndroid, the brainchild of Google has created a tremendous bombilate in this tech-market. As it is an open platform, it helps the application developers to show their creative skills. It also gives enough privilege to the users to experiment new openings. There has been a cornucopia of Android based devices in the market and that helped to uplift the quantity of great apps based on Android. Each of them is so appealling, that it’s almost very tough to say which app is the best among this group.

Each of them is unique in their own way. So, here comes the list of apps that will enhance your photography to a different level irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or a pro. These apps will help to make your Android phone a hub of amazing photography. Now in this article, we will get to know about the best 20 apps for Android camera around the marketplace.

The best 20 Android camera apps are as follows

1) Photoshop.Com Mobile

It’s a Photoshop app for mobile, developed and produced by Adobe. This versatile app helps you to share and edit your photos anywhere, any place in this world. There are some other salient features like Touch to crop, rotate, adjust colour and other mesmerizing effects can be applied on the go. You can also get at your photos and videos from anywhere with the help of your free account in www.photoshop.com . So download this app, edit your pictures and start sharing with your family and friends!
Install Photoshop.Com Mobile.

2) Vignette

Second in the list comes Vignette. This lively and user-friendly app helps you to add light and highlight your photograph with different sets of brightness range giving your pictures a new dashing look.
Install Vignette.

3) Photoid

When it comes to Photoid, in the whole tech market this app is famous being an ‘all-rounder’ among all the other contemporary apps of its kind. You can add frames, unique clip-arts and effects. Hi-res stickers in your pictures. There are rotation brushes and mask modes which makes this app special in its own way.
Install Photoid.

4) Photo Wonder

PhotoWonder is a funny application in Android in which you can edit your lovely pictures on mobile at ease. A very user-friendly app, with amazing effects in the likes of LOMO, Bluetone and Ageing, this app is of great fun!
Install Photo Wonder.

5) PRO Paint Camera

If you want to click better photos, there is no one better in business than PRO Paint Camera. With amazingly unique clip-arts, facilities like contrast-correction and X-ray mode, different text fonts, toy-camera, this app is a real wonder among all!
Install  PRO Paint Camera.

6) Love Photo Frames

This app helps you to make framed pictures with personalized frames for you loved ones! You can save it in your album or send the ‘special one’ by email. All with the help of this app!
Install Love Photo Frames.

7) Camera 360

This app will convert your phone into a pro-camera by applying some unique filters like LOMO , HDR, axis shift draft, ghost. It’s free version adheres six types of camera modes together as: Color-shift Mode, Normal Mode, Effect Mode, Scenery Mode, Tilt-shift Mode and favourite of all- the Funny Mode. Each mode gives a special effect to your photography specially modes like LOMO, Retro Effect, the Art of Black and White and Back to 1839 takes your pictures to a different level. Enjoy this app by downloading it right now!
Install Camera 360.

8) Live Fx camera

With top camera filters, a simple camera app like Live Fx camera welcomes point-and-shoot functionality to your Android device. Apart from the facility of taking vivid shots, best lens filters like Warhol, PolAndroid ToyCam, SymmetriCam and Fisheye are also in the bag.
Install  Live Fx camera.

9) Camera Fun Free

Camera Fun Free illustrates what is actually meant by point-and-shoot. Here in this app you actually point and shoot and also preview the effect for that particular photo considering the conditions before the snap. The free version comes with only 6 effects like: Sketch, Sepia, Mirror, Canvas, Mirror and Color X-Ray but the paid version has 23 filters to deal with. Have fun with this funny app!
Install Camera Fun Free.

10)  Little Photo

In this app, you can put several effects on one photo and the combinations of it that can be generated that is available is really amazing. Little Photo is an app with big photo effects where limit is your creativity’s limit.
Install Little Photo.

11) Retro Camera

Retro Camera for Android can easily fool people with it’s accurate effects which will seem to be shot using an analog camera. It has 5 camera effects: Bärbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, Pinhole Camera, and FudgeCan and many film set effects like: Black and white, vintage vignettes, cross processing, film scratch etc. This app gratifies you for your nostalgic cravings.
Install Retro Camera.

12) Fast Camera

It’s the fastest cam ever in the business where you just have to press the camera button and it takes pictures instantly!
Install Fast Camera.

13) Multi Camera

This app’s one specialty is that it can take multiple shots with the help of your camera and gives you one single image. Like the Landscape mode in normal cameras.
Install Multi Camera.

14) Photo Album Organizer 

This app helps to organize your photos in the device for better representation. It copies the pictures you select in your phone and puts the photos in the new album you create.
Install Photo Album Organizer.

15) Photo Bubbler

With the help of this app, turn your favorite pictures into more interesting ones with the unique bubble effect of it. The edited picture is always a great fun.
Install Photo Bubbler.

16) Photo Effects

Give your photos an artistic feel with the effects of this app.
Install Photo Effects.

17) HDR Camera+ (Paid)

Snap HDR pictures in full resolution with the help of this wonderful app!
Install HDR Camera+ (Paid).

18) Pic Say: (Free app, Paid upgradation)

An award-winning photo editor having facilities like colour – correct, word balloons, red-eye removal, titles, graphics and distortion. With An easy interface, the lite version of this app is really a marvel!
Install Pic Say: (Free app, Paid upgradation).

19) BeFunky Photo Editor

Edit photos with the special features of this app like fabulous frames, apply special effects with powerful photo-editing tools of it.
Install  BeFunky Photo Editor.

 20) Touch-Retouch: (Paid)

With the help of this editor, you can remove any unwanted objects from the background of any photo with one touch. Just select the objects you want to delete in the photo and click ‘Go’ and it’s done. Photo-editing can’t get better and more convenient.
Install Touch-Retouch: (Paid).
So as you can see, Android has introduced a vast number of applications for those who love to go clicking. All these apps are very easy to use and most importantly useful.

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