In order to satisfy nowadays parents, i suggest that school

1. Provide 1000 foldable chairs and store them at teachers' house since schools' store cannot keep all. Please bring to school using teacher's own transportation every week for assembly to avoid students from sitting on the floor. Please prepare for assembly as early as 5am to make sure all the chairs are perfectly arranged before the assembly begins.

2. Please make sure schools have like 50 elevators so that students don't have to climb up stairs to class as they also need to carry heavy bag too.

3. Please ignore students who don't complete the homeworks as their parents have made sure their lesson is done way much better than what they learn in school.

4. Please forgive all the students who biadap to you as mostly teachers are just a degree holder while nowadays parents mostly are PhD holder. Indulge that.

5. Please make sure your students are safe by being the last creature who leave the school because it is very dangerous now to leave students without supervision. Your own children can always wait at their school. It is okay if they were kidnapped. You are just a teacher anyway.

6. Please do not hit, beat, slap, punch, kick or even use any harsh word to your students even if they scratch your car, puncture your tyre, or even they punch you, just be an angel by forgiving them. Have faith that they are innocent, their parents will definitely advice them and they will change soon.

7. Please do your work until your last drop of blood because your salary is paid by the parents who pay tax, while you don't. Teachers never pay tax. You show your teacher face, u don't need to pay GST. Teachers also don't have to pay toll. Airport tax also can be waived. LHDN also never ask teacher to pay tax.

8. Don't worry if your students don't pay attention. Let them play. Their parents would teach them personally at home. Nowadays parents know everything. From pendidikan islam, geography, chemistry, bahasa tamil, chinese, and yeah, almost everything. You just need to sit back and relax.

9. Lastly, please make sure teachers have medical insurance so that you are all covered if you get stroke, heart attack or even mental illness.

Good luck teachers.
May the bless be with you.

Jannah awaits you.
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